This project has been in development since 2002 and has an archival history prior to that dating back to 1988.

Here is the evidence.

"When I began this work I decided to take the idea of thresholds and gateways: strong images in the story of the descent. There are seven thresholds/gateways and at each gateway Inanna has to give up something of her power: her crown, her necklace, her twin egg stones, her breastplate, her gold bracelets, her measuring rod of lapis lazuli and her robe. This provides a structure for the work." Carran Waterfield

Skull, Death Mask, Plaque and Grave


Hidden away behind a curtain in the Police Museum, Coventry and displayed between two nooses is Mary Ball's Death Mask, 1849.

Hidden away in an obscure cupboard "in transit" at The Herbert Museum, Coventry is the skull of Mary Ann Higgins, also a last woman to be hanged on Whitley Common, Coventry in 1831.

Obscurely concealed in a walkway between Coventry Cathedral and the old County Hall building is a plaque that mentions the County Hall as the site of the last public execution in Coventry - no mention of the name and that it is a woman who died there.

Somewhere beneath the cobblestones near to Holy Trinity Church and Cathedral lanes shopping arcade lie the remains of Mary Ball.

The implications of these four "secrets' drive this project